18 months of done-for-you Social Media Content, Creation and Engagement

Save hours of time and stress with the 2020-2021 Social Media Content Calendar. It's 18 months of post ideas planned out for you in an editable and customizable format to fit your business needs.

What a decade it’s been scrolling, thumbs-upping, swiping, and double-tapping!

Now, it’s time to build out your content calendar for the year ahead.

Figuring out what to post for your business on social media everyday, is CHALLENGING!

  • Are you struggling with what to post on Social Media?

  • Are you feeling like you're repeating yourself and can't think of new creative ideas to post?

  • Have you ever asked yourself why other influencers are good at Social Media?

  • ​Are you tired of Scrolling on your Social Media platfor2 Columnm without engaging or posting anything?

What if creating engaging contentfor social media was easy?

Grab Your Calendar now to:

  • Save time and Energy thinking about what to post online

  • Quickly find and use our ready-for-you Social Media Templates

  • Build engagement with your Ideal Clients regularly

  • Focus your time on more important revenue productive activities

If you are a busy entrepreneur and you don't have the time to "put in on social media", let us support you with 365 days of Social Media Content totally mapped out for you.


  • 365 Days of Social Media Content Planned for You

    (This Package is for You if you just want to automate your social media)

    What's included in Package 1

Printable & Editable Yearly Calendar

  • No need to Think about What to Post Today.

    We have Prepared 365 Days of Content Ideas just for you. Eliminate stress and stop being overwhelmed with social media!

  • Holidays and observed days

    Holidays and observed days for United States

  • Ready-to-Print Content Calendars

    Yearly Content Calendars for 2020 and 2021 in two different format options. One is a PDF so you can print it out and follow the content that has been already included. The other is an EDITABLE Calendar so you can add additional information if you’d like and save it to your desktop!

100+ Holiday Images with Quotes

  • Professionally Designed Holiday Image Graphics.

    A variety of high-quality Holiday background designs with quotes already included.

Powerful Questions with design Included

  • Powerful Questions Design Included

    A variety of high-quality social media images with Powerful Questions already included... ready for you to post!

80+ Inspirational Quotes with Images

  • Individual Inspirational Quotes (Already Designed and Ready-to-Post)

    A variety of high-quality social media images with quotes already included... ready for you to post!

​BONUS 1: ​100 Social Media Post Ideas

  • 100 Social Media Post Ideas you can choose from, you never have to worry about coming up with a concept for your next post. Skim through quickly letting your imagination run with peak performance using ready-to-select post ideas.

  • Social Media Content Creation Templates and Scripts

    (This package is for you if you want to customize your social media content) What's included in Package 2

​200+ Social Media Images With Caption

  • Social Media Images that work for any purpose or industry.

    Save more time, create better content, and build a follow-worthy brand with an all-inclusive, styled stock photo and graphics collection.

  • In addition to the Beautiful photos that we have selected, we also give you the engaging caption, we give you the script for each image so you don’t have to think about it!

100+ Holiday Background Images

  • Customizable Holiday Images.

    Professional graphics that represent most major US holidays that you can easily customize with your own quotes!

The Best Tools for Social Media Creation

  • Tools and Resources to create images and videos for Your Social Media

    You need eye-catching, on-brand scroll-stopping social media graphics. We selected the tools that will make it easier for you to create those stunning graphics.

50+ Holiday Quotes in Black Text

  • Customizable Holiday quotes.

    Professionally designed quote images with transparent backgrounds that you can easily match up with a background image.

80+ Inspirational Quotes with Text Only

  • Individual Inspirational Quotes (Text Only)

    Professionally designed quote images with transparent backgrounds that you can easily match up with a background image.

Powerful Questions with Text Only

  • Customizable Questions Ready to be added to your own design

    Powerful Questions with transparent backgrounds that you can easily match up with a background image.

Editable Canva Dream Kit

  • Customizable Canva Template Designs are proven to attract Audiences with Eye-Catching Graphics.

    We give you Canva Templates for Instagram , Facebook and other layout options to attract the customers you REALLY want to work with.

  • Social Media Engagement Posts and Text Ideas

    (This package is for you if you want more likes and comments)

    What's included in Package 3

BONUS 2: 30+ Viral Content Posts

  • 30+ Viral Content Posts done for you! Those are questions that you want to use to boost your engagement and connect with your audience. Proven to increase Audience engagement, enticing your followers to participate.

50+ Personal Posts

  • Personal Posts

    Don't be afraid to share some of your intimate experience as a business owner. From Challenges to Lessons Learned, your audience wants to engage and see the real YOU!

1000+ Different Hashtag Ideas

  • Feeling frustrated looking for Hashtags? We've compiled Hashtags in 12 different Industries to best suit your needs. Real Estate, Beauty, Food, Travel, Entrepreneurs, Fitness.... you name it!

  • Hashtags are everywhere these days. They expand your reach outside your network, engage with your followers, open new ways of communicating and increase brand recognition and awareness.

Holiday Hashtags

  • The Best Hashtags to Use During the Holiday Season
    We’ve covered all the hashtag holidays you need to be aware of.

40+ Call To Actions

  • Powerful Call to Action that directs your Audience to dig more deeply into the topic or become a paying customer. You don’t need just any CTA; you want a strong one that convinces people to act right away! There are two main purposes of a Call to Action: to tell someone what they should do, and give them the motivation to do so.

Motivational Post

  • Motivational Posts That Will Inspire Your audience to Succeed.
    Use your ambition, drive and desire—along with these motivational posts—to make it happen.

30+ Interactive Content Posts

  • Interactive or Fill in the Blank Posts

    These posts generate immediate engagement because they are easy to answer and relatable. They are meant to get quick engagement.

    We give you Canva Templates for Instagram , Facebook and other layout options to attract the customers you REALLY want to work with.

100+ Quotes and Holiday Texts

  • Engaging Cheat Sheets.

    Powerful, Inspirational and Engaging Questions and Quotes that followers can't resist sharing! Custom designed to work for any industry. Holiday Quotes are a bonus as well. You will eliminate the need to get side-tracked going down Search Engine rabbit holes looking for a quote or an engaging question to share with your followers!

Social Media planning is a HUGE timesaver for your business.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by social media, not knowing what to post, when to post, using our social media Content Calendar can be a great tool to help you get on top of your planning and stay active on social media.

This Calendar was designed out of my desire to stop feeling overwhelmed and pressured to market my business every day while building optimized social media accounts... all at the same time.

The Social Media Content Calendar will help you organize and strategize your social media campaign to gain more brand exposure and awareness to attract more leads and referrals for your business.

Using the Social Media Content Calendar, will easily grow your social media accounts more than you could ever imagine!

Start Using The 365 Social Media Right Now

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BONUS: My360sites Account for Customers Only

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You'll also gain access to claim your Free BONUS My360site, the fastetst growing entrepreneurial community of influencers using viral content templates in their business. If you need inspiration for how to use them for your brand - we've got you. We're kind of cool like that.

"This 365 Content Package is Brilliant. It really saves me a lot of time everyday. I don't need to worry about thinking of an idea what to post next. I have a full month's worth of posts scheduled in advance."

Alex Ocampo

Website & App Development Specialist

"I love the effecience and effectiveness this provides my team. It has helped me grow my online brand presence and allowed my team to consistentaly post on my Social Media with less time."

Rey Perez

Personal Branding Expert

"I LOVE This simplicity of the templates. I'm not a tech-savvy person and this is so easy to use. It really helps me stay active on

social media and get more of my clients engaged."

Karim Raymond

Online Branding Expert

So Maybe You're Wondering...


This Works Perfectly For...

  • Health Coaches, Nutrition, Exercise

  • Life Coaches

  • Relationship Coaches

  • Business, Marketing, Sales

  • Course Creators & Info-preneurs

  • Career/Executive Coaches

  • Social Media Strategists

  • Web Designers

  • Photographers

  • Bloggers

  • Healers

  • Influencers

  • Business Owners Creating a Brand

  • People Starting a Business

  • People Who Need to Outsource Content

  • Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Social Media is an incredibly important part of your business marketing strategy, and knowing WHAT to post and HOW to create meaningful and genuine engagement is what will drive profitable sales!

The Social Media Content Calendar has been designed to:

  • Help you build your social media accounts from the ground up.

  • Remain consistent and relevant throughout the year on social media.

  • Amplify your authority with prompts that present you as the go-to person on your topic or industry.

  • Connect with your audience in a way that humanizes your brand and builds relationships.

  • Plan your social media posts in advance so you eliminate the stress of posting on the fly.

  • Eliminate the stress of trying to come up with ideas of what and post and what to say every day.

  • Track your progress and remain accountable while growing your following and increasing engagement.

  • It also makes your life easier when creating posts by reducing the need to dig for content.

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That’s one more launch that won’t quite hit your goal.

That’s one more student you can’t help.

If you’re not growing your audience and building real relationships with them, waiting another 3 months (OR 6 or 12!) to finally do it means you’ll be winging it (yet again) during your next launch.

Aren’t you tired of crossing your fingers hoping someone comments on Your Post?

It’s time to change that. NOW!


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